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Blizzard sued by WoW Glider creator

Ross Miller

MDY Industries, the creators of WoW Glider, a third-party software that lets you run World of Warcraft on autopilot, are suing Blizzard in order to assert their right to distribute the software.

According to the lawsuit, three gentleman representing Blizzard and parent company Vivendi came to the house of one of the MDY employees with a briefcase that allegedly contained the draft of a formal complaint. Blizzard believes WoW Glider violates their terms of service (it does) and the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). MDY Industries is seeking legal right to distribute their software and any monetary supplement decided by the court.

In letting you run your avatar on autopilot, WoW Glider is a tool helpful for farming gold and building experience. It works without any hacks, simply automating the same mouse clicks and keyboard inputs that you would do there. Does it nullify the ultimate point of experiencing the game? Yes. Does it assist cheaters? Absolutely. Is it wrong to create and sell a product that helps cheating? That remains to be seen.

[Via WOW Insider]

Download (Full text of complaint, .pdf file)

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