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How to build a USB-powered vibrating apple (say wha?)

Cyrus Farivar

If you're looking for a minor practical joke to play on your family over the Thanksgiving holiday or are searching for something fun do do when you're off work on Friday but are strung out on turkey and stuffing, look no further than this rockin' apple mod. Our pals at Instructables have put together a series of steps on how to build a USB-powered apple (Apple Computer optional) that will vibrate when someone tries to reach for it, and will stop when the person backs away. This mod doesn't appear all that difficult, but you'll need to get a "capacitance sensor chip," some copper foil, a vibrating motor and a few other things. Still, if you know your way around a circuit board and a soldering iron, you could probably put this together in an hour or two with no problem -- that is, assuming all the apples in the house haven't already been turned into apple pie.

[Via MAKE: Blog]

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