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IZI Robotics' emotional Netoy shows the weather, stays put

Darren Murph

While it's certainly not as intelligent (or mobile) as NEC's R100 companion bot, the Netoy "emotional robot" can probably hold its own when cheering up the master. IZI Robotics' latest creation sports an abnormally large head, shocking (ahem) looks, and a bevy of functionality traits. Aside from telling you the weather, brushing you up on the latest news, and reading back audiobooks, it can also provide "wake up calls" and alerts to keep you on track throughout the day. Beneath its dome is a mysterious S3CX2410 processor, 64MB of RAM, 64MB of flash memory, integrated 802.11b/g, an eight-point touch sensor, two-watt stereo speakers, and an internal motor powering the rotatable arms. It also sports a 1.5-inch LCD to provide MP3 information, news clips, and other simple forms of communication. Although this fellow can't exactly pick up after you or follow you around, at least the chances of a robotic takeover happening in your domicile are substantially lowered.

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