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Paintball minigun in development, paintball BFG still on drawing board


To be honest, we're not that big on paintball except for when robots or tanks are involved, but special effects man Rick Galinson (of Snakes on a Plane fame, no less) has managed to pique our interest with the sheer badassness of his latest project. He's currently in the process of creating a room-clearing paintball minigun and, as the video on his site shows, he's made some impressive progress. While it can't actually shoot paintballs yet, its 1200 psi of pressure is more than enough to provide an effective and, frankly, scary demonstration with nothing but air. Unfortunately, Rick hasn't given any indication when he expects to finish the thing, but we're guessing that he's gonna keep it for himself when he does; lets just hope that whoever has to stare down the barrel(s) of this thing knows what they're in for.

[Via Hack A Day]

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