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PoR import copy reviewed


The folks over at Gamebrink imported a Japanese copy of Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin and ran it through their gauntlet for review. What did they have to say about the game? Well, mostly good things mixed with great things, obviously! We wouldn't suggest reading the review unless you enjoy having things spoiled for you. Commenting on the new two-player combo aspect of the game, Gamebrink details how fighting and puzzle solving have been changed:

"The first most obvious thing is that some enemies are pretty much immune to physical attacks and vice-versa so you'll find yourself making use of both characters' unique fighting abilities. Also, once you manage to collect the required scrolls, you can pull off a combo attack known as "Duel Crush" during battles to inflict some greater than average damage. As you explore Castlevania, you'll find areas that are too high to reach so when this happens, most of the time you'll be summoning your partner to give you a little boost up but sometimes, you'll just have to use the "stay" command. "

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