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PS3, Wii sell out at launch

Blake Snow

While everyone fully expected a PS3 sellout on day one due to limited supply, expected Wii sell-though was uncertain due to its larger initial supply. As it appears, reports from both American Technology Research and Lazard Capital Markets indicate that both consoles in-fact sold out immediately on day one. Next-gen even suggests Wii may have sold "well over a million" units on Sunday alone.

Analysts expect new Wii shipments as early as this week but note that PS3 retailers have "no idea" when the latter will get restocked. To that, GameDaily reports on the potential sellout effect for the Xbox 360: "With both the Wii and PS3 being in such high demand, it's possible that many consumers won't be able to secure one this holiday. That said, Microsoft could get a boost from a combination of PS3/Wii shortages and the success of Gears of War.''

Expect retailers to push the 360 hard if no PS3s and Wiis are on hand this holiday.

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