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Real pics emerge of the E-TEN glofiish M700

Chris Ziegler

Remember that iffy picture a few days back claiming to be the unannounced E-TEN M700 Pocket PC? Well, thanks to a Russian site with a comprehensive gallery of far more legit-looking pics, those among us who weren't believers are believers now. Not surprisingly, it looks like the production unit will be "glofiish" branded like the X500 before it, and it'll pack quad-band GSM with EDGE, 128MB of ROM and 64MB of RAM, 802.11g, Bluetooth 2.0, a 2 megapixel shooter, and a SiRFStar III GPS receiver. Even crazier, though, are the glowing blue lines between the keys -- an unexpected carryover from the mockup picture. Click through to the source for plenty of additional imagery.

[Via PDA247]

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