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Small Arms brawls with XBLA this Wednesday

Ross Miller

Xbox 360 owners looking to feed their Smash Bros. urges will now have an outlet on Wednesday, when Gastronaut Studios' Small Arms will be released on Xbox Live Arcade. The four-player beat-and- shoot-em-up features 12 anthropomorphic characters, each with their own weapon, across eight levels.

One of the achievements which stands out as an interesting social experiment is "Six Degrees of Small Arms." You can only earn the achievement by playing with someone who has it, and right now only the game's creators have it. If the six degrees phenomenon has any merit on Xbox Live, earning this achievement should be a matter of time.

Though the press release does say to "expect premium downloadable content" in the future, it also promises that Wednesday's download will include three single-player modes and both online and offline multiplayer. Small Arms will be available for download 1:00 a.m. PST (that's 4:00 a.m. EST) for 800 MS points, or $10 in real money.

Continue reading for a video of Small Arms in action.

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