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A little PVP strategy goes a long way

Mike Schramm

Galinth dropped us a line to his (very) comprehensive guide to playing in Warsong Gulch. If you ever wanted to know everything about running a premade in Warsong Gulch, you'll find it all here, from individual tactics and "kill order" to team strategies and even leadership techniques.

In fact, a guide this comprehensive will probably turn most casual players off. Not all of us have the time or interest to focus on PVP like it's our job. The majority of us just want to show up, kill a few alliance, capture a flag or two, and have a good time. Of course, in the future, the arena and matching systems will probably help people find what they're looking for, but until then we have to assume that there are some players who won't be interested in pages and pages of strategy and planned attacks.

But nevertheless, even if you're not part of a full-time 60 premade, Galinth's guide is helpful because a little strategy goes a long way. Just as in PVE play there are a few basic strats to keep in mind (aggro and crowd control, class strengths, roles and abilities), PVP play is no different, but most players don't seem to know the most basic organizational strategy-- how do you react in WSG when both sides have turtled with a flag? How many nodes should you take in AB, and when should you go for new ones instead of defending the ones you have? And what's the order of conquest in AV-- should you head for the graveyards, take out the NPCs, beeline the opposing base, or work on farming mats and summoning assistance?

In that sense, a guide like Galinth's is very welcome. He's gone to great lengths to cover every single facet of premade WSG play, and for that reason, it might seem a little overwhelming at first (like you've been handed the manual to a job on the factory line). But making sure every player on the field has a least a little bit of strategy in their head (just as in PVE play) will only make the game better for all of us, and that's why his guide is more than worth a look.

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