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Get your green groove on at the Sustainable Dance Club

Cyrus Farivar

So you think you're all cool with your biodiesel, your compost pile and your donations to the Sierra Club? Well leave it to the Dutch to take environmentalism to the next level -- the next level in fun, that is. The Sustainable Dance Club in Rotterdam is planning on becoming the first green dance club in the world, converting dancers' moves into electricity, powering the turntables and speakers scattered throughout the facility. As if that weren't enough crunchy granola hippie-thinking for you, there are also plans to have "rainwater toilets, biological beer, and walls which change colour according to the heat generated inside the club, without using any electricity." Now don't get us wrong, we're as big on recycling as the next guy/gal, but when we hear of a foreign concept like biobeer, well, lets just say that we're gonna make damn sure that the septic system and the keg tubing aren't cohabitating the same plumbing.

[Thanks, Jocko]

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