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Metareview - Mobile Suit Gundam: Crossfire


Logic demands that each launch lineup will inevitably feature a "worst" title; the weakest link. This time around, Mobile Suit Gundam: Crossfire is that game (Genji has narrowly escaped this fate).

We pity thle poor fellow who errantly added Gundam to his launch day shopping cart; or worse, the one who will be forced to feign appreciation after discovering this grotesque creation lurking beneath the wrapping paper. Please folks, inform your potential holiday gift-givers.

  • GameSpot (39/100) - "Even if you could get past the horrid frame rate problems, lackluster presentation, and lack of online multiplayer, the gameplay in Crossfire is practically identical to the half-dozen or more Gundam games that appeared on the PlayStation 2. If you're looking for a game to show off what your PlayStation 3 is capable of, Mobile Suit Gundam: Crossfire should be your last choice of all the launch titles."
  • Game Informer (38/100) - "Imagine that you've worked hard and saved for years, and finally bought the luxury sports car of your dreams. You open the door and get in for the first time, carefully adjust the mirrors, program the radio and then, once you're comfortable, take a giant dump on the seat ... That's essentially what you're doing if you spend the money on a fancy new PS3 and choose this as your launch game of choice ... I have nothing positive to say about this game. I even hate the menu screen."
  • 1UP (20/100) - "So, the story is nonexistent, the gameplay is a joke, and the controls are unresponsive. Could Crossfire get any worse? Unfortunately, that's a resounding 'yes.' Poor level design cripples any hopes of enjoyment ... The game is an embarrassment to the Gundam name, and raises suspicions that it was rushed for the PS3 launch."

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