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New Kevlar-based parachute rockets to repel RPG attacks

Cyrus Farivar

One very serious problem facing American and other armed forces in the field is the threat of being attacked by rocket-propelled grenades (RPGs). These big guns are difficult to defend against, unless you've got some very fast moving and precise weaponry. So how's a soldier supposed to defend against a volley of one or more RPGs? Well, Control Products' freshly patented idea is to use a serious of smaller low-altitude rockets equipped with Kevlar parachutes form a slow moving curtain, which would reduce add drag to and the speed of the speeding RPG. While this sounds like a good and inexpensive countermeasure, we're not yet convinced by the cocktail napkin patent filing sketches, but hey, that hasn't stopped harebrained government check-writers from funding all other manner of whacked out technologies.

[Via NewScientistTech]

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