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Not so thankful for [update]


Earlier this year I attended my first Macworld. Naturally, I went on a spending spree, and purchased some snazzy MWSF swag. I was particularly thrilled to find a 'Mac Geek' shirt. And this was no t-shirt! I happened to work at a place requiring ties, so finding a business dress shirt with the embroidered 'Mac Geek' on there was great. That job was also 99.9% PC-based, so this was a double-bonus.

Sadly, when I came home the shirt didn't last a month. Not because of quality, although that was questionable at best, with button holes that easily frayed and caused issues when buttoning the darn thing... But my shirt went in the trash because we left a crayon in the wash, and once the dryer hits... well, those of you who know will vouch for the fact that melted wax is pretty impossible to remove from fabric.

My logical recourse? I went to the CompanyStuff website and tried to order another one. Fast forward months later, numerous emails later, and one cashed check for $30 later, and I still have no shirt. Yep, they were happy enough to take my money, but never sent the shirt. CompanyStuff never responded to any of our inquiries. Not even an autoreply! So all I'm saying is, when you're shopping this holiday season, beware shady online merchants. No doubt many of you have successfully purchased items from CompanyStuff, but they go on my naughty list this year.

This morning in my inbox I received the following "we're gonna make good on this" from CompanyStuff prez Steve Lindland:
I'm sorry for the hassle you've been going through, as I agree this is not acceptable. I will arrange for the refund of the $30.00 and also for you receiving your T-shirt at no cost in addition to a C.A.R.E. package of other merchandise. In addition, if you attend the 2007 event, please stop by so I can apologize in person and offer you some additional complimentary merchandise from the store.

I'm extremely sorry for the lack of communication, as that was certainly never my intent.

Best Regards,
Steve M. Lindland"

I still think it's sad that customers have to go to extraordinary lengths to give a businesses some money. As a business owner myself, I work incredibly hard to make sure anyone trying to buy stuff is not only happy, but happily ecstatic when they receive their gear (we've been known to throw in freebies). Although I didn't order a t-shirt (certainly wouldn't fly at my business-dress workplace), kudos to Steve for making this right.

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