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Rogers gearing up to offer Motorola K1 KRZR

Chris Ziegler

Their buy page appears to be pretty much fubar'd at the moment, but if you scroll all the way to the bottom, you'll see that the $349.99 CDN you're shelling out is going to net you a MOTOKRZR. For the record, that's the K1 we're talking about here -- not the K1m -- on account of Rogers being a GSM provider. On the plus side, that gives you world compatibility with four bands of GSM reception at your disposal, but on the minus side, you can kiss 3G data goodbye (the K1 tops out with EDGE). No word on whether this offering is official yet since we can't find any other links to it, but if you can't buy it now, you'll certainly be able to before too long.

[Thanks, Shaun C.]

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