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Samsung grabs title of "world's slimmest" LCD for cellphones


In September, LG.Philips announced their 1.3-mm LCD for cellphones, then Toshiba slimmed it down to 0.99-mm just a few weeks later. Now, just 2 months from where we began, Samsung has grabbed the title by unveiling this, their 0.82-mm slim TFT-LCD while making the whole thing more shock-resistant and easier to read outdoors in the process. The LCD screen is available in both 2.1 and 2.2-inch diagonal screen sizes and features a 240x320 (QVGA) resolution, 300nit brightness, and 500:1 contrast ratio. Best of all, according to Samsung this new, slimmer LCD module should allow manufacturers to shave 1.4 to 2.4-mm from future handset designs. So expect Sammy to rollout their world's slimmest, 4.5-mm (0.177-inches) cellphone sometime in the second half of 2007 when these panels are scheduled for release to manufacturers. Hell, with any luck, we'll get the chance to snap (literally) a prototype at January's CES.


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