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DS Fanboy presents: Game Night (it was a hit!)


Going into last night's Game Night, we really did not know what to expect. We were hoping that a few of you would be available to totally kick our ass play a game or two, but the support we received and the number of you in the chat told us a different tale. It was a tale of turmoil and self-discovery, one that led a few staffers of a minor blog to a promised land filled with dual-screen delight. Considering the whole thing went extremely well, we're going to make this a regular thing. So we ask that you all vote for next week's game and we hope to see you there again, same place and same time.

What game should we play on 11/28/06?
Mario Kart again! Messing you all up was SO MUCH FUN!
Star Fox Command; let's fly some Arwings!
Clubhouse Games; I want a nice, relaxing game.
Tetris DS; falling blocks FTW!
Metroid Prime Hunters; blast everything!

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