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Lenovo's new Tianyi F50 laptop does it up Dolby style


Deets are slim on this new media-centric laptop from Lenovo, but they're busting it all the same, so we thought we'd let you know. The Tianyi F50's main claim to fame is Dolby Home Theater support -- a first for Lenovo -- bringing virtual surround sound to your headphones or stereo speakers, and supporting the full-on 5.1 spec through a home theater set. That's about all we know, though from the picture we're guessing this is a 17-ish-inch lappy, with all the finest Core 2 Duo trimmings and maybe even a webcam up top. No word on price, or whether we've got a shot at seeing this thing hit the States, but we'll keep an eye out. There are a couple more pics after the break.

[Via laptoping]

Jim and Pam were having so much fun, they didn't even realize the screen was pointed the wrong way.

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