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PS3 violence mirrors novel storyline

Kyle Orland

File this one in the "life imitating art" department ... or maybe in the "art predicting guerrilla marketing?" department. Max Barry's book Jennifer Government revolves partially around a Nike marketing plan to shoot the first ten buyers of a new shoe in an effort to build hype and street cred for the launch. Today, Barry posted on his blog about the similarities between his book's plot and the recent violence surrounding the launch of the PS3.

Could the muggings and robberies surrounding Sony's new system be a carefully orchestrated marketing ploy to increase exposure for the PS3? Barry stops short of making such a serious accusation. "That would be unspeakably immoral," he said. "To rip off the opening of Jennifer Government so blatantly, I mean."

We have to agree -- while Sony 's PS3 marketing has occasionally been disturbing, you have to admit that it's also been pretty original.

[Via AeroPause, Thank Reddrive]

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