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Black Friday is upon us

Ryan Block, @ryan

Hey everybody, you know what tomorrow is. Besides being the soulless testament to rabid consumerism that makes even most Americans wince, it's also possibly the best single day to get low, low prices on all kinds of consumer electronics. So make sure you get those good Black Friday deals in for us to share with everybody else! Oh, by the way, Amazon's kicking black Friday off a little early. If you hadn't heard, they're selling 1,000 Xbox 360 Core systems for $100 at 11AM PST today. Good luck.

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P.S. -Happy Turkey / Tofurkey day!
P.P.S. -You guys didn't think we'd leave you in the lurch tomorrow if you didn't want to brave the e-tailers and retailers, did you? Good thing, too, because we're giving away a booty load of gadgets -- check back tomorrow for Engadget's Black Friday giveaways.

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