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eBay PS3 scam of the day: sold for $890


Another day another eBay PS3 scam. Look, we know the supply of PlayStation 3s are limited and demand is high before the big, 4-day break. But folks please, a little caveat emptor... this is eBay for crissake. Oh sure, Schnezy's listing is dubious as hell: titled, "Sony PlayStation 3 PS3 NO RESERVE, HOT HOT HOT" and even supported by a picture of the console itself. And seeing all the features and specs spat out on the page certainly clutters the one, very important bit of text at the very bottom: "note: you are not bidding on an actual ps3, you're only bidding on an e-mail address (, winning bidder will recieve password." But hey, you've gotta read the text son. So enjoy your new Hotmail email address Mr. Notoriousgoat(se?) -- it may be an $890 markup from free, but it's still cheaper than an email address for millionaires in the long run. Tip: enable spam filter.

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