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Pogue's perspective: megapixel numbers don't matter

Darren Murph

David Pogue has faced his fair share of myth-busting duties, but his latest assignment sure didn't have to be done in order to convince us that his unanimous discovery was indeed correct all along. While theorists (and those adamant that bigger always equals better) can theorize forever on why additional megapixels should yield clearer, more accurate prints, the reality of the matter is that extra megapixels are typically not much more than a marketing ploy to lure consumers into making an additional purchase. In his latest test, he took identical photos with anonymous 5-, 8-, and 13-megapixel shooters, and then printed them out on 16- x 24-inch poster paper at a professional photography lab. Then, he surveyed the general public in Times Square to see if the naked eye could actually discern between the varying sensors and the level of clarity -- to no surprise (and to theorists' chagrin), only a single person (a photography professor, mind you) correctly sorted the prints in order of megapixels, and Pogue even asserted that the lucky winner was probably guessing anyway. So, if you still don't believe us, be sure to hit the read link for the full skinny, and save yourself a few bills the next time you're camera shopping by not making megapixels your ultimate priority, capishe?

[Via TheRawFeed]

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