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Verizon's LG enV (VX9900) on-line, out for retail?


Well, looky here. The LG enV just popped up on Verizon's "testman" staging site in preps for on-line launch. Flauntin' all the specs we've come to uh, envy, we still expect the pup to pop for full launch on Monday the 27th. Nevertheless, we're already getting reports that at least some retail locations have unleashed LG's VX9900 Communicator beast as of yesterday. So step away from the bird, quietly excuse yourself for a smoke, and get your azz down to the neighborhood VZW shop on the sly. Don't worry, you won't be the only one steaming up the glass with your hot greasy, giblet-breathed anticipation.

Update: Pictures just rolled in from San Francisco purchased unit -- check after the break.

[Thanks, Tyler A. and Martin]

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