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XtremeMac's Luna iPod alarm dock: a better mouse trap


Sure, we don't see many new types of iPod accessories as the market is saturated these days. However, we'll bite when a new take on an old design hits as fresh as the LUNA alarm clock / audio system does from XtremeMac. That white-on-black clock face shows the time, date, and dual-alarm settings and brings an iPod-like menu for navigating deep into the guts of the system. And those silver rings on top? They're not just for show, those are the manual controls for bass, treble, radio, and of course, volume. And those 2x full-range speakers are driven by a "powerful" two-channel amp which should provide ample fix to that morning audio jones. Rounding things out are a remote control, aux-in jack for other audio devices, and a fat set of bedroom-friendly options including an adjustable display brightness which can even be mapped to alarm and sleep modes, gradually increasing or decreasing volume options for wake or sleep, and customizable snooze from 1 minute to 60 or sleep from 1 to 90 minutes. Hitting December 18, but available for pre-order now for $150.

[Via iLounge]

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