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DIY-erless Wii sensor bar


We had some trouble with the Wii's wired sensor bar when playing on a projection television; even if the wire is long enough, you're left with the problem of having another wire to route around your furniture. Those without high-def projectors may scoff while explaining that this really isn't the sort of problem they would mind having but, nevertheless, we mind.

In the latest installment of DIY-erless -- our ongoing look at do-it-yourself wireless hacks -- we check out DoctaBu's guide for making your own wireless Wii sensor bar. Of course, we know that it's not really a "sensor" bar but a pair of infrared sources that the Wii-mote uses to triangulate the cursor's position. Using a perfboard, some IR LEDs, some wire, and four AA batteries, one can easily create their own projector-friendly Wii sensor bar.

Sure, you could always wait for that rumored retail solution, but wouldn't you rather make your own to match those homemade Wii component cables you've got rigged up. Check out a video of the process after the break.

[Thanks, Jonathan]

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