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Dual sliders are so 2006: Fujitsu concept goes four ways

Chris Ziegler

Hey LG: why slide just two ways, like your SH100, when you could slide four? That's the question Fujitsu seems to be asking with a new concept phone they're parading around these days. The rounded, almost egg-like handset appears to feature touch sensitivity for virtually every control -- well, it would, anyway, if it were a functional prototype -- and can be slid in all four cardinal directions for access to different functions. Left reveals a keypad (though usability might be a concern here), right offers music controls, up gives you camera / video recording stuff, and down appears to reveal gaming controls, not to mention a traditional d-pad on the phone's surface. While this particular example will never be seeing the light of day on a store shelf, Fujitsu says they expect to see similarly-equipped models coming to market some time in 2007.

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