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Joystiq White Friday giveaway: Lost Planet codes [update 1]

[Update: Using, we've chosen and contacted our seven winners. Thanks, everyone!]

Capcom wants you to leave your warm house, head still spinning from last night's excessive turkey consumption, and plunge yourself into the retail nightmare that our species has come to know simply as "Black Friday" -- a day when an otherwise loving grannie would gladly spear you with her crutch to get to that last pile of DISCOUNT bath towels at the local box store. So, why would Capcom (they always seemed so nice) expect you to do such a thing? For free stuff, of course!

They've decided to trick us by calling it White Friday (does that mean it's the opposite of that terrible other Friday?) and, if you dare venture to your local game retailer to pre-order the Xbox 360 exclusive Lost Planet: Extreme Condition (no doubt bowled over by yesterday's holiday multiplayer demo), you'll be rewarded with not only a terrible headache but a token card containing a code for Xbox Live that will let you download a separate version of yesterday's multiplayer demo containing an extra map, dubbed "Dilapidation."

Already downloaded the demo, with the Pirate Fortress map, yesterday but still not content? Need that additional multiplayer map, but thousands of years of evolution preclude you from inflicting harm on yourself? Not to worry Joystiqers, Capcom has been so kind as to offer us seven codes which we'll in turn offer to seven lucky readers! All you need to do is leave a comment telling us what you had for dinner last night (not in the US? Tell us anyways!) and we'll select seven winners randomly by midnight tonight (ET). You can spend the rest of the weekend playing against others who, no doubt, will be playing with a severe handicap following the massive head trauma they sustained leaving the house on Black White Friday.

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