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Phat Loot Phriday: Goblin Jumper Cables XL

Mike Schramm

Of all the professions, it's probably Engineering that offers the wackiest stuff. Sure, it's nice to make your own weapons or armor, but Engineering can hook you up with abilities some classes only dream of.

Name: Goblin Jumper Cables XL
Type: Trinket
Cooldown: 30 minutes

  • Requires Engineering (265) to use
  • Use: Will sometimes (the sometimes is key) shock a dead player back to life. Also has a chance of blowing up, or just not working at all.
  • Perfect for classes like Hunters and Rogues that can escape a wipe, but can't usually ressurect other players. Who needs a soulstone or an ankh when you've got these around?
  • Unfortunately, they don't always work, but as of a recent patch, they will no longer destroy themselves when they fail, so once you've made this trinket, you'll always be able to use it. As for success rates, most players say they've seen about a 50% success rate on rezzing. Some have seen less, however, and some have seen more.
  • Finally, don't confuse these with the easier to obtain Goblin Jumper Cables (not "XL"). While Cables Jr. will still rez (sometimes), they're not as reliable as the XL type.
How to Get It: The schematic drops off of Plugger Spazzring, the bartender of The Grim Guzzler, the bar in Blackrock Depths. He's the little gnome walking around the bar in the corner, the guy you buy the beer from to get the Phalanx event going. Normally, he's neutral to players, but of course if you stab him once or twice, he'll give you a fight.

Soloing him is possible with a rogue (he also drops the Barman's Shanker, a nice rogue dagger that looks like a broken bottle, so if you farm him, you'll hopefully see that too), but it's even easier with a rogue and a druid duoing to him. To actually learn the plans, you'll have to have specialized in Goblin engineering, so Gnomish engineers need not apply. To use the trinket, you need a 265 skill in engineering, but don't need to be Goblin necessarily.

Finally, the ingredients list isn't too demanding, but you will need a good amount of thorium: 2xThorium Widges, 2xTruesilver Transformers, 2xFused Wirings (these might be the hardest thing to find, as they are not a vendor bought or player made item-- they only drop from mechanicals in Gnomeregan), 2xIronweb Spider Silks, and 2xStar Ruby. Get all that together and your eng skill up, and you'll be able to rez just like a priest-- but only 50% of the time.

Getting Rid of It: Sells for 20s to vendors. You can sell it on the AH, but prices will probably be all over the place-- some players don't understand you need the Engineering skill just to use it. If you have the skill, you should probably just keep it-- you never know when a rez just might make the difference between a wiped group and a successful one.

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