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HDTV Listings for November 25, 2006


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What we're watching: Notre Dame vs. USC is the big game tonight, both because of last year's infamous "Bush push" and because the winner could end up in the National Championship game. Otherwise there's also NHL on HDNet and boxing on HBO. Hugh Laurie guests on Saturday Night Live in a repeat episode.

Our traditional high-def listings continue below.

Here are some other HDTV programs showing on selected networks today. All times are Eastern and reruns are in italics, premieres in bold:

ABC (720p): College Football: Notre Dame vs. USC (8 p.m.)

CBS (1080i): Criminal Minds (8 p.m.), CSI (9 p.m.)

NBC (1080i): Law & Order: SVU (10 p.m.), Saturday Night Live: Hugh Laurie (11:29 p.m.)

Fox (720p): Nada.

MYNTV (1080i): Desire (8, 9 & 10 p.m.), Fashion House (11 p.m.)

Discovery-HD (1080i): Sunrise Earth (7 p.m.), Fantastic Festivals of the World (8 & 11 p.m.), Treasures of the Trust (9 p.m.), China Rises (10 p.m.)

TNT-HD (1080i): Save the Last Dance (6 p.m.), Titanic (8 p.m.)

ESPN-HD (720p): College Football Scoreboard (6:30 p.m.), College Football: Wake Forest vs. Maryland (7:45 p.m.), SportsCenter (10:45 p.m.)

ESPN2-HD (720p): ESPN2 College football Scoreboard (7:15 & 10:30 p.m.), College Football: James Madison vs. Youngstown State (7:30 p.m.)

INHD (1080i): Dr. Danger (7 & 10 p.m.), In Theaters (7:30 p.m.), Olympic Treasures: Sapporo 1972 (8 p.m.), Three Sheets (10:30 p.m.), Howard TV (11 p.m.), Wall Street Warriors (11:30 p.m.)

INHD2 (1080i): Laura McKenzie's Traveler (7 p.m), Aussie Wine Trail (7:30 p.m.), Forensic Factor (8 p.m.), The Story of Ruth (9 p.m), Alligator People (11:30 p.m.)

HDNet (1080i): Get Out! (7 p.m.), NHL on HDNet: Rangers at Penguins (7:30 & 11:30 p.m.), Nothing But Trailers (10 p.m.), 23rd Miss Hawaiian Tropic International Pageant (10:30 p.m.)

HDNet Movies (1080i): Platoon (6:15 p.m.), Days of Thunder (8:15 p.m.), Open Range (10:05 p.m.)

Universal HD (1080i): Medical Investigation (8 p.m.), Monk (9 p.m.), About a Boy (10 p.m.)

HBO-HD (1080i): Harry Potter & the Goblet of Fire (7:30 p.m.) Boxing: Marquez vs. Jaca & Pacquiao vs. Morales III (10:15 p.m.)

MAX-HD (1080i): Lethal Weapon (6 p.m.), Two for the Money (8 p.m.), Tristan & Isolde (10 p.m.)

STZ-HD (1080i): National Treasure (10:30 p.m.)

SHO-HD(1080i): Without a Paddle (6:15 p.m.), Dexter (8 & 11 p.m.), 2001 Maniacs (9 p.m.),

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