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Vomiting Wii


Because turnabout is fair play, recently we showed Punch Jumps's video of their PS3 with busted disc feeder and now we present to you the vomiting Wii.

Loading mechanisms have become a little bit of a personal issue since my 8 month-old Xbox 360's loading tray busted and Microsoft wants to charge $139 (plus having to provide own box and paying shipping) to fix it. Stupid thing is less than a year old. Microsoft apparently doesn't have authorized repair centers around the country like Nintendo does. All busted Xbox 360s in the U.S. must be sent to Texas, where they are miraculously healed and sent back again. What's wrong with the PS2 redesign where the top just pops up, you place the disc in the system, close it up and no easily defective loading mechanism gets in the way?

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