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Defective PS3? No worries -- Sony promises replacements

Nick Doerr

A new system launches and behold -- defective units pop up like... something that pops up not too often but when it does it gets a lot more attention than the majority that are fine -- kind of like musicians and celebrities pretending to care about a certain cause. Was that cold? I don't care. They can visit third world countries from their private jets all they want and I'll always think they're being pretentious. Worst offender? Not sure, but that old MTV show "Trippin'" was pretty bad -- read up on Maddox's take [disclaimer: do not read if you take offense to pretty dirty language, etc]. Anyway, news.

This is more for China and the launch in Taiwan, but we may as well assume that if defective units pop up in the US, we can get a replacement too. If your PS3 has a "serious defect", like a crapped out cell processor, or a disc loader that refuses to suck in those beautiful Blu-ray discs, SCE-Asia will replace the console. Maybe SCE-America will do the same. China Post states some defects as "tendency to overheat" and "jammed memory cards"... memory cards? Thought we were done with those. And not getting the ventilation system rigged properly would overheat any system -- don't flame saying the PS3 overheats all the time. Not true. If the 360, hell, even the GameCube, had a defunct fan system in place, it would overheat. Basically, if your PS3 sucks (for all 10 of you who bought it to actually play it... all the others are either still on eBay or in mommy's closet until Christmas/Hannukah), you can get it replaced. Spam Sony with e-mails. Do it!

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