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Fancy Wii skins

Jason Wishnov

We like the white. It's classy, Apple-like, and pleasing to the eyes. Still, many fans were quite perturbed at the lack of color options at launch, and without varying color schemes for at least the Wiimotes, it can become difficult to differentiate consoles and controllers if you ever get some friends over with their own controllers.

We know you cheated by reading the headline, so yes, there are fancy skins available for your Wii! (For the portably minded, they also have quite a few DS Lite skins.) There are currently 99 designs available, made of a thin material designed to cover as much of the console as possible. Moreover, for a few extra bucks (the console skin itself costs $14.99), you can get matching skins for your Wiimotes and nunchucks. Awesome? We think so.

Also, after contacting the company, we've learned that they plan to open up the floor to custom designs sometime in December. So you can, you know, put a picture of your hot girlfriend on the Wii, or something. Whatever.

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