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Low-end 3G love: Cingular rolls out LG's CU400

Chris Ziegler

Folks that can live with a stub antenna (and without HSDPA data) might just find their Cingular soulmate in LG's new CU400, which at just $30 after contract and rebates, seems to be Cingular's way of saying, "Okay folks, our 3G network is now officially ready for the masses." It's pretty rare that we aren't gushing with superlative descriptions of a new 3G release, but honestly, there's not a lot to say here; besides the UMTS radio, you get quad-band GSM and EDGE, Bluetooth, Cingular Video support, and a lowly VGA cam -- though push-to-talk is a welcome inclusion. The Cingular Music button found on the also recently-released Samsung SYNC is curiously missing here, suggesting that Cingular might be focusing on phones with a little more horsepower under the hood to promote that feature. The CU400's already on sale, so if this budget clamshell has you frothing at the mouth, we suggest you have yourself promptly tested for rabies and head down to your Cingular shop (in that order, please).

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