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NPR visits This Spartan Life

Kevin Kelly

I've you've never seen This Spartan Life before, it's a machinima talk show that takes place entirely in Halo 2. The show's host, Damian Lacedaemion (producer, writer and director Chris Burke), is a Spartan soldier who interviews guests and covers topics from politics to publishing and filmmaking all while inside the game, and usually on the Headlong map, their standing "set."

On this weekend's episode of Studio 360, host Kurt Andersen suited up and interviewed Damian in the game for National Public Radio, and This Spartan Life has in turn published video of the segment on their site. What's pretty impressive to learn is that all of the hours of Halo 2 played online cumulatively add up to more then 10,000 years worth of Spartan living, all without any apparent evolution. We can only imagine the smell in Master Chief's armor by now.

Listen to Studio 360's show here, and check out the video after the jump. If only the regular news was covered like this, more people might tune in.

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