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Therapie lamp soothes soul, not wallet


It's not the most expensive mood-related gadget we've seen, but the Therapie lamp designed by Andre Keilani can certainly contend for your hard-earned money with the best of 'em. Costing between $1,099 and $1,299 depending on size, the Therapie promises to not only create a peaceful mood (that's easy) but to reduce "everyday spleen," which we definitely have too much of here around Engadget HQ. While it may look like an LCD or plasma TV -- which would help justify the price -- the Therapie actually consists of an aluminum frame and a stretched PVC canvas illuminated by a fluorescent 120V tube. A tad expensive for some parts readily available at the local hardware store perhaps, but if you're looking to get rid of that spleen without getting your hands dirty, it doesn't look like you have too many options.

[Via The Red Ferret]

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