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Breakfast Topic: So You Want To Be a Guildleader?

David Nelson

Tobold recently made a post about the trials and tribulations of running a guild in World of Warcraft. While Tobold takes a slightly broader view of the subject than is suitable for one Breakfast Topic, I was wondering...does anyone find guild leadership fun?

I have been everything from a guild leader, to an officer to a lowly peon, and for the most part, it is a lot easier being the peon. Sure, being a guild leader or officer is fun for a bit, but unless you have a group of fantastic people in your guild, it can be a major league headache. Fortunately, both of my long-term leadership experiences were positive ones in WoW, but the most recent ended badly, and let me tell you, you don't want to be the GL of a guild plagued with infighting, loot controversies and endless complaining.

How about you guys? Any guild leaders out there? Any tips on how to run a tight ship? Any fun horror stories to share? Or maybe you are leading the most agreeable bunch of happy WoW players in Azeroth...either way, let us know!

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