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Capcom fixing Lost Planet tiny text


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Looks like Capcom finally figured out what Nintendo knew when they developed the Wii: A clear majority of consumers still own standard definition televisions. Following complaints that the multiplayer text on Lost Planet was like going through a Dead Rising tiny text time warp, Capcom has taken "the great feedback we have received from our fans ... Lost Planet will automatically detect if you are playing on an SDTV and change the score display settings for this mode automatically."

Capcom states that the demo does not reflect the final build "as they are still early works in progress." You know, Lost Planet was still in the "early works" with a launch date of January 12, 2007. Other fixes to the final game will be having objectives delivered in single player as both voice-over and text. Players can also pause the game at any time to review objectives on their in-game PDA.

Hold up, back to paragraph one, that text fix will happen "automatically" on a SDTV? Now is there any way we can get Capcom to reconsider their decision to not patch Dead Rising's tiny text, considering they have the technology to fix it "automatically" now?

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