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MotorStorm given a delayed start in Japan

Nick Doerr

While this may initially seem like heartbreaking news, fear not, noble motor stormers. Japan did get a delay for MotorStorm, but it's only a week. Instead of a 12/7 release, Japanese gamers will get the game on 12/14. No biggie. The reasoning for this delay isn't exactly clear, Sony citing "production-related concerns". But IGN may be on to something when they said Sony wants December to be a big time for releases. MotorStorm now pops up on shelves next to Armored Core 4 -- two great games at once, oh my! While Japan still gets MotorStorm first, they'll miss out on online play for a little while. Until everyone else gets it. That's all, really. I played MotorStorm in a Target last week and, while just a demo, it was sweet. Easy to get the hang of. I had to stop racing at one point just to check out the scenery of the canyon. I'm excited. Are you?

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