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Nokia unveils four new handsets: the 2626, 6086, 6290, and 6300

Darren Murph

Since Motorola and RIM already dished out news about their forthcoming mobiles, you knew Nokia would be joining the release party soon. Sure enough, the company has unveiled four new phones today at its annual Capital Market Days in Amsterdam, with one being aimed at the entry-level market and the remaining trio headed to mid-range consumers. The low-end 2626 rocks a few different color motifs, pack an FM tuner, color LCD, and all the bare essentials to keep you connected for €75 ($99). The 6086 houses quad-band GSM connectivity, UMA, a built-in camera, and an oversized keypad while costing €200 ($264). Stepping it a notch is the 6300, which comes in at 13.1-millimeters thin, touts a stainless steel frame (not to mention the "organic curves"), and demands €250 ($329). Last up is the 6290 (€325; $428) smartphone, which "combines the power of the S60 and 3G" in a new, sexy package, and boasts an interactive world travel application as well as "Quick Cover" access keys. While initial spec information is all but nil, we're sure to get plenty of juicy details while we wait for the foursome to launch in "Q1 2007."

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