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Dude, it's the "My Oxbow by Sagem" for surfers

Chris Ziegler

We're not really down with the surfer crowd around here, but there's apparently a market for a surfing-themed cellphone -- or at least that's what Oxbow would have us believe. The French purveyor of surf gear has teamed up with Sagem (bringer of a couple uninspiring clamshells to the European marketplace in recent memory) to offer the "My Oxbow by Sagem," a -- you guessed it -- Oxbow-themed phone for the surfer dude / dudette in all of us. Details are slim for the picking, but the squarish candybar is apparently based on the my400, so we don't expect any blockbuster features to be packed underneath its bright blue skin. If nothing brightens your day like a trip to the beach, look for the My Oxbow now on France's SFR network.

[Via Shiny Shiny]

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