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From the "They still make those?" dept.: Motorola's M710

Chris Ziegler

Yeah, we knew Motorola was still committed to making old-school car phones -- heck, Telus carries one of 'em -- but we still can't help but chuckle a little when we catch wind of a new one in the pipeline. The latest, dubbed M710, rides on Motorola's own iDEN, suggesting that it might find its way to Nextel at some point (or not; after all, Telus operates an iDEN network north of the border, as do a good number of carriers across the world). Given the M710's supposed lease in life as a commercial device, iDEN seems like the perfect fit considering that corporate customers account for an overwhelming majority of their base, but we're still somehow having a difficult time picturing anyone taking this over an i880.

[Via Slashphone and infoSync World]

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