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I-O Data's RHD2-U: up to 1TB of RAID disk


Another day -- another overnighted, 10 gigabytes of torrented data -- another external storage solution. The RHD2-U series is a departure from I-O Data's LANDISK NAS line-up. First off, this is not NAS, it's USB 2.0 attached and capable of delivering up to 1TB of disk via 2x 7200rpm hard drives tucked away in the enclosure. That opens up the possibility for RAID 0/1 if you really think those DivX flicks deserve the special treatment. It also features something called RHD (Relational HD), allowing the unit to host additional disks loaded up on I-O Data's cartridges. Hitting mid-December in Japan for ¥64,680 or about $556 for the full 1,000GB.

[Via Impress]

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