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Is this the real Windows Vista MCE remote?

Darren Murph

Considering the brick of a device we previously assumed would grab the role of being Vista's MCE remote didn't exactly fit the shiny, smooth look that's (apparently) taking coders so long to master, it's not too surprising that it probably, well, won't. While the previous rendition may have very well been some early prototype, we've now got good reason to believe that a sexier, more curvaceous replacement may take its place. Delving through the latest Windows Vista Product Guide manual discloses a svelte new remote with a much more fitting design, including the oh-so-crucial (DVR) playback buttons at the top, directional pads in the center, and your typical number pad layout taking up the lower half. There's also a row of four "shortcut" buttons that will presumably trigger just the right components to make the magic happen. Per usual with devices that haven't even neared mass production (nor tout actual confirmation of their existence), there's no pricing or availability info to speak of, but this version sure fits the stylish design Microsoft is apparently going for.

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