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Newman D20c media player rocks out in China for $254

Cyrus Farivar

Remember the Cowon iAudio F2 that came out about two months ago? Yeah, the one with the button interface? We're pretty sure that Newman's latest offering, the D20c, is the lovechild product of the iAudio F2 and a 1980s Casio calculator. It's got an 80GB hard drive (although some Chinese sources cite a 20GB or 40GB drive) that will play MP3 and WMA audio files, but also will show your XviD movies on its 2.4-inch 480 x 220 screen as well. If 80GB isn't not enough for you, there's also built-in flash memory slots for SD, MMC, Memory Stick and CompactFlash cards. It's currently on sale for 2,000 yuan ($254) at electronics bazaars across China -- perhaps you can get your favorite merchant to throw in one of those Casio calculators they've had kicking around since 1983.

[Via CNET Asia, thanks impish]

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