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PSA: Morgan Minute on advertising


We've discussed the potential benefits of in-game advertising before, but you know, we just don't seem to be seeing the benefits. Ads keep popping up in more and more games -- hell, we've even got spyware built into games to target us more efficiently with ads -- but where are the benefits? Games continue to sneak in more advertising, particularly from a few major publishing houses, but the cost of games continues to be the same. Don't even try to pull that buggery development cost reduction malarky. Plenty of publishers that don't use adware, spyware and basic in-game advertising have titles that cost exactly the same as the publishers who do use advertising models -- that makes no sense. Maybe if the message comes from G4's Morgan Webb, with great hair, make-up and a sloping v-neck shirt, it will emblazon the message upon the gamer masses, "Remember kids, if you watch ads, you should get free stuff!"

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