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PSA: The TSA is not down with Nike+iPod

Ben Drawbaugh

So you picked up the latest kicks from Nike -- you know the ones that work with the iPod Nano -- and, even though you don't run, you wanted to check out the high-tech angle (and why not, with only $20 separating you and the Nike+iPod sports kit?) But then on your way to grandma's for Thanksgiving, you got more than you bargained for going through security at the airport. The TSA is going to have a few questions for you when some odd shape shows up on the X-Ray of your new sneaks, so expect to spend the next 30 minutes explaining whats in your shoe. After all, who knows what they think they'll find in your shoes: if it's bad enough to make every traveler take theirs off, it's bad enough to hold you on the side till the coast is clear. So do yourself a favor and leave the sensitive accelerometer at home or in your carry on -- and unlike us, you may want to shave off that scraggly beard and sport a t-shirt that doesn't say "Shü Bomba" on it.

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