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Watch 3 videos, get DX10 and Vista for free

Justin Murray

Forget the PS3 and Xbox 360, the next great thing in gaming graphics is called DirectX 10. The only catch is you'll need a fairly beefy PC and a copy of Windows Vista. However, the Vista half of the equation could come cheaper than expected.

Microsoft, through a website called Power Together, is offering up a free copy of Vista Business edition just for watching three videos. The videos are geared toward system admins or even internal auditors, but we could all sit through it just to get a $300 operating system for free (legitimately we might add). The only catch is you have to use IE6 or better and install the Live Meeting Replay Wrapper.

The site is currently moving at a snail's pace right now and the videos themselves are an hour long, so it could take a bit of work to get your free copy of Vista. The downside is Vista Business Edition doesn't come with the Media Center feature (like any of us care); however, Vista Business will be just fine for any of us who want to enjoy some sweet DirectX 10 gaming.

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