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Xbox 360 Annoyance #016: Moving


I never thought I'd find myself writing one the Xbox 360 annoyance articles, and yet here we are. I was moving yesterday, and naturally I decided I should take my 360 with me. It's ironic that with the new generation of gaming we have lost some wires, but gained many others. Wires, so you know, are the bane of my existence -- as they are for many technology enthusiasts. If you want to enjoy your 360 properly -- i.e. high definition and surround sound -- you need to configure a lot of wires. Of course you have the video cables, in my case VGA, which requires an audio adapter to work on my TV. You have separate audio cables, optical if you want surround sound. And, of course, if you have surround sound, you have numerous cables to deal with to hook up your sound system, maybe even a separate receiver. Then you have your ethernet cable, which must be hooked into a router, which has its own set of cables to deal with. Even if you use the wireless adapter -- a hardcore gaming no-no -- you'll still have to deal with a router at some point.

It's easy enough to overlook these things the first time you pull your 360 out of its box, but it gets tedious when you move to a new place. Here's hoping someone finds a way to make the entire gaming experience wireless before the Xbox 720 arrives.

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