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Belkin N52 Gamepad

David Nelson

We talked a few months ago about the great keyboard vs. mouse debate, and in the comments quite a few folks swore allegiance to either the Belkin N52 Gamepad or the Logitech G15 Gaming Keyboard. I asked for a G15 for Christmas, but after this review by Isobelle over at Not Addicted of the N52, I might change my mind.

What I like about this review is that Isobelle doesn't just tell you that this little mini-keyboard would be great for WoW or Half Life 2, hand out some star rating and move on. Instead, Isobelle literally takes you step by step though his keyboard configuration, and his enthusiasm for the controller has me rethinking my G15 plan. And of course he includes some typical Not Addicted humor.

Now my question for you guys is this: This N52 is cheaper than the G15, and looks like it has a lot of the same functionality, minus a whole bunch of keys, which may or may not be important. So...which one is the ultimate WoW accessory? Should I leave well enough alone and keep Santa on his G15 mission, or should I try the N52? Any of you folks use either one?

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