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Cingular readying video download service?

Chris Ziegler

Hot on the heels of Verizon's YouTube deal, it looks like Cingular wants to kick up the volume on its video offerings, too. Granted, they've already got Cingular Video kicking around, but what's the one thing Cingular Video won't let you do? It won't download clips to your phone, that's what -- and that's where the new service steps in. We don't have details on what sorts of downloads will be offered (full-length movies, perhaps?), but our intrepid tipster tells us he's been offered in on a trial to gather feedback using his LG CU320, suggesting that the new service may very well be 3G-only. Given the kind of bloat that comes with video, we're guessing a microSD card might be in order, too.

[Thanks, Evan]

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