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NEC launches new 1 / 2TB NS50 desktop NAS

Darren Murph

Another day, another NAS. This time it's NEC bringing the goods, with a relatively small 8.66-inch tall enclosure and a lockable front door. The forthcoming NS50 packs a 600MHz Intel XScale processor, 256MB of RAM, dual LAN ports, and twin USB 2.0 connectors, and plays nice with a slew of Windows and Linux-based operating environments. Per usual, the box connects via gigabit Ethernet and can be managed through a secure web connection as well as remotely, and touts support for Microsoft's Active Directory as well. NEC claims the unit can integrate seamlessly as an FTP server or as a "soon to be announced" print server, and can run things in RAID 0/1/5 or JBOD, whichever you please. NEC's perfectly average NS50 should hit shops next month for £949 ($1,845) if you're digging the 1TB (4 x 250GB) version, while the 2TB (4 x 500GB) flavor will set you back a whopping £1589 ($3,088).

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